Due to a my long experience as a freelance translator, I offer a very high quality of services, being fluent in English, French and Spanish. By visiting my website, you will acquire a good knowledge of my personal profile and a full description of the services you can contract. Thank you for your visit and please do not hesitate to get in touch

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  • Freelance Translation services are generally cheaper than those offered by translation agencies because they have less management costs.

  • A Freelance not only has the capability to work all day long but he/she can also work at night or during the weekend. This allows him/her to offer shorter delivery deadlines with better throughput.

  • The attention a Freelance can provide a client is more personalized because there is only one single contact, who is the only person responsible for the project so that he/she is able to adapt very quickly to client’s requirement (This is not always true when using a translation agency service).
  • Translation agencies provide some services that Freelance are unable to offer such as the rich variety of language combinations or the availability of many terminology databases.

  • Thanks to the agencies, a single client can order the translation of a document or a set of documents into different languages. Even if client requests a service that is not supported, the agency could always subcontract a Freelance translator who will do the job at a lower price.

  • Big international agencies can accept a high volume of translations because they have available to them more resources such as staff, and the most modern data processing equipment and telecommunication services. Although the client will pay an extra cost, high quality is not always guaranteed because agencies are used to subcontracting Freelance Translators to do the job. Most of them have enough skills to check the final document but they are sometimes inexperienced translators.

    Services available

My professional activity is aimed at any national or international company, located in Spain or otherwise, whether they are a wholesaler or retailer in a business or manufacturing sector .
Likewise, it also focuses on any individual person interested in contracting my services.

The available services are:

  • Documents translation from French into Spanish.
  • Documents translation from Spanish into French.
  • Documents translation from English into Spanish.
  • Documents translation from English into French.
  • Simultaneous Interpreting in French to Spanish.
  • Simultaneous Interpreting in Spanish to French.

    How to request my services


It is very easy to request any of my services:

  • Send me the document that you wish to translate by E-mail as an attached file.
  • After analyzing the document to be translated, I will send you a detailed budget including delivery deadline,
    price and payment conditions without any commitment.
  • If you agree with the price and the delivery deadline, please send me an E-mail with the following title “I ACCEPT TERMS AND CONDITIONS”, so I will do the translation within the agreed period.
As soon as I finish the translation, I will send you back the translated documents(s) by E-mail keeping the same format as the original.


Concerning payment methods, I will send you a detailed invoice including all terms and conditions previously accepted. Payment must be completed by bank transfer up to 30 days after the receipt of the translated document.




  • Accurate Translations.
  • Spanish Translation Agency
  • Veritas Traducciones
  • Morote Traducciones
  • The Faculty of Law of Córdoba University
  • Neograma
  • ILanguages


  • Jaca Citadel Military Miniatures Museum website
  • Meb Johnsons Jatto:  Games and Toys - Wholesalers and Distributors website.
  • Technical Dossier of the RIVKLE® device.
  • Community Investment Report for the ECOWAS Region.
  •  Research Project for International Marine Law : the European, Spanish and Andalusian Interests.
  • Charter Signed to Promote Healthy Food and Physical Activity for Television Programs and Advertising.
  • Modular Buildings Engineering and Design.
  • Zagarrón: wines and vineyards website.
  • Animal food Website.



  • Interpreting at meetings in the “Training Program and Technical Assistance of Agroffice, LT Pro and Viewer LT”.
  • 120 hours practice in Consecutive.


  • Interpreting in the “II World Social Forum on Migration”.
  • Online Interpreting for foreign clients (English and French).
  • Interpreting in the “International Agreement of Workers and People’s World Conference”.
  • 120 hours of booth practice.

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